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Have an event coming up and need a speaker? I’d love the opportunity to talk with you about sharing my story about living kidney donation and faith in God’s Divine whispers. Please complete the form below or email me at Thank you!

Upcoming Events:

DATE: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

EVENT: Women’s Fellowship at Sun City

LOCATION: Indian Land, SC

Life after the transplant has been wonderful. Amy’s gift of life has touched everyone I love! She gave me a gift that only she could give. God sent me an angel! Thank you, Amy! David Ensley

Amy Cunningham is a wealth of information about being a living donor.  Amy speaks at our National Kidney Foundation events and the audience loves her perspective of the story.  She educates, informs and explains realistic expectations of being a living donor.

As a registered nurse that specializes in kidney disease and Ms. North Carolina, I have traveled the country teaching and educating the public about kidney disease and transplantation. I recognize that there is very little information out there to guide a living donor.  I am so thankful that she is writing a book so living donors can use this as a resource.
Lisa Hedin, RN

Ms. North Carolina America 2015; Advisory Board Member, NKF Carolinas; Clinical Educator

Amy Cunningham spoke at the most recent Donor Cultivation event held by The National Kidney Foundation.  As a Living Donor, I’m sure there were many emotions flying around in her mind but her speech was amazing.  It was funny and heart felt, she touched the audience deep down in the core by telling her personal thoughts and feelings about why she became a donor, how easy the procedure was and by how much support she got from her husband and the family of the recipient.  I believe there were even some tears in the audience when she finished.  Since then she has joined the Advisory Board for NKF and is working hard on The Spurs and Sparkles Gala Committee.  She is a wonderful addition to our Advisory Board and our volunteers.  She has a strong commitment to this team and I’m looking forward to more great things from Amy. Stephani Tucker

Executive Director, National Kidney Foundation of the Carolinas

Amy’s experience is what I believe is the true Circle of Faith.  So many of us are a Doubting Thomas.  She displayed her definition of Christian Faith and Love, with an unquestioning acceptance of His will.  Amy then offered, without fear, His gesture of Love. Linda Price

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