Thursday Mornings With God

Thursday Mornings With God

Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee

A young woman complained to her mother about the hardships and difficulties in her life. She didn’t know how she was going to continue and wanted to give up. The young woman said, “I’m tired of fighting and struggling. It seems that as soon as one problem is solved, a new one appears.” In response, her mother took her to the kitchen and filled three pots with water, placing each on the stove over a high flame.


Soon the water came to boil. In the first pot she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about 20 minutes, she turned off the burners. The mother then fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She removed the eggs and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl. Turning to her daughter, she said, “Tell me what you see.”


“Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” the daughter replied. Her mother brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and noted that they were soft. The mother then asked the daughter to take an egg and break it. After peeling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg. Finally, the mother asked the daughter to sip the coffee. The daughter smiled as she tasted its rich flavor.


The daughter then asked, “What does it mean, Mother?”


Her mother explained that each of these objects had faced the same adversity, boiling water, and each reacted differently. The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting. However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak. The egg had been fragile, its thin outer shell protecting its liquid interior, but after the boiling water, its inside became hardened. But the ground coffee beans were unique—after they were in the boiling water, they’d changed the water itself.

Excerpt taken from Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling—written by Dr. Wayne Dyer

I love synchronicity—especially when it smacks me right in the face.

Yesterday morning I read Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee in Dr. Wayne Dyers book—Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling and immediately, I connected with it. The message left me inspired.

Then I heard, “Blog about it.”

My reply, “Okay, I’ll add it to my list,” and then conveniently filed it away for later.

But then, all day I kept seeing—in random places mind you—a carrot or an egg or coffee, reminding me of the blog.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll get to it later,” I repeated.

After booting up my computer to check email, there staring me in the face was an email from Wayne Dyer (I signed up for his newsletter from Hay House) titled Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee. He had emailed me the story!

I felt the Universe telling me that someone needed to read this story (and most likely it was me!).

So, which one are you—a carrot, an egg, or coffee?

When you experience hardships in life are you more like a carrot? Do you start off hard on the outside but then the pressure of the boiling water makes you soft, losing strength and the will to move forward?

Or, are you an egg? Does adversity cause you to become hard on the inside—closed off from family and friends? Maybe even God?

What about coffee? When life becomes difficult, do you allow the fragrance of your core to seep through changing your situation?

Instead of becoming weak or hardened, a coffee bean transforms the water into a sweet aroma from its core being. It flavors the water causing it to become something better—more tasteful.

For me, the message of this story is clear; always remember who you are—a divine being filled with God’s love and grace. You have the power to transform any situation in your life. Let your soul’s fragrance change the boiling water or your hardship into one of beauty, elegance, and a decadent flavor.

We can choose to be anything—become a coffee bean.

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Facing Hardships: A Phillip Cook Story

Facing Hardships: A Phillip Cook Story

Guest Post by Josh Cohen

What is the definition of hardship? The word hardship means something different to every person. To some, it could mean losing your cell phone or accidentally stepping in a pile of mud while wearing your favorite shoes. To others, a hardship could mean the death of a loved one or the loss of a fortune due to a bad investment.

Phillip Cook, a resident of California, has a precise definition of what it means to face hardships.

The following story about Phillip Cook will have you rethinking your idea of the word. Its story is about overcoming obstacles and adversity; miracles (three to be precise) and perseverance. It’s a “Phillip Cook Story.”


Phillip Cook was not your average human being in his youthful years. He was the definition of an overachieving ambitious athlete who wouldn’t stop until he achieved what he wanted. What was it that Phillip Cook wanted you may ask? To be a World Class Sprinter. Well, that’s precisely what Phillip Cook pushed for in his college years.

From 1988 to 1990, Phillip attended Taft College in Taft, California and studied Criminal Justice.  While in school, Phillip competed nonstop on his college’s track and field team. He excelled and won a multitude of awards in the 100, 200, and 400-meter races. There was no stopping Phillip Cook from his dreams of being an Olympian. Well at least, that’s what Phillip Cook thought.

In 1990, Phillip Cook suffered a severe tear in his hamstring. The doctors at the time told Phillip that the healing process would take a couple of years, which meant his dreams of being a track and field athlete were ruined.

After the news was broke to Phillip, he dropped out of school and moved home to Bakersfield, California with his parents. He quickly picked up two jobs, so that he could save up money for a car and to rent an apartment.

July 1993

Just when Phillip Cook started to get a handle on his life, the catalyst of what was to define Phillip’s future began to, unfortunately, take shape. In July of 1993, Phillip was diagnosed with diabetes—a disease which was believed to have been passed on from his father. On top of diabetes, Phillip struggled with acute hearing problems.

The diabetes wasn’t a real issue until Phillip started experiencing the different chronic stages of diabetes, and instinctively, he knew he was in for a long road of trouble.


Between 1993 and 2006, Phillip struggled to find, hold, and maintain a job due to his hearing problems. It was difficult for him to carve a pathway for his future.

With so much career struggle, Phillip went to the Department of Rehabilitation. It was this group that graciously offered to pay for Phillip’s school if he returned. Phillip gratefully accepted the offer and decided to go to California State University, Northridge to major in Deaf Studies; however, he couldn’t complete his courses due to his extreme physical hardships and ailments.

December 2006

In December of 2006, Phillip Cook was diagnosed with renal failure caused by his diabetes. The fact that he was working two jobs and had returned to school meant he was too busy to concentrate on eating correctly which quickly exasperated the renal failure.

April 2007

In April of 2007, Phillip began dealing with life-threatening infections due to his kidney disease. The doctors put him on a heavy dose of antibiotics. Little did the doctors know, the antibiotics caused Phillip Cook to become entirely deaf.

On top of his loss of hearing, Phillip became paralyzed from the waist down forcing him into a wheelchair.


With much determination to complete his unfinished business and goals, Phillip Cook returned to California State University, Northridge with the desire to study Childhood Development. It was a beautiful moment in Phillip’s life when he received the prestigious B.A. degree from the university. Phillip had finally graduated with his bachelor’s degree.

After graduating, Phillip wanted to take his education one step further. He applied to the master’s program at Pacific Oaks College with a focus in Human Development. Phillip was accepted and quickly began his classes.

February 2010

While attending school and multi-weekly dialysis treatment (due to his kidney problems), Phillip lost sight in his left eye. The vision loss was a direct side-effect from the necessary dialysis treatments that Phillip required.

Phillip Cook had become legally blind, on top of his already diagnosed deafness.


Even though Phillip suffered from blindness, deafness, renal failure, diabetes, and paralyzation; he continued his studies at Pacific Oak College.

Believe it or not, Phillip received his Human Development Master’s Degree in 2013. His first miracle!

 July 2016

In July of 2016, Phillip met the love of his life. The sweet beginnings of new love motivated Phillip to hit the gym and workout, despite his physical ailments.

While working out, Phillip began taking exercise supplements to boost his performance. Unfortunately, the supplements caused Phillip to face life-threatening conditions. Phillip’s foot was amputated.

Early March 2017

As his kidney disease progressed, Phillip knew he would eventually need a kidney transplant; however, he wasn’t prepared for how soon he would need it. In March 2017, doctors informed Phillip he needed a transplant as soon as possible but, unfortunately, it could possibly take two or more years to find a suitable kidney because of the long waiting list.

March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017, would be considered Phillip’s second life miracle. He received a call from Cedar Sinai Hospital with the news that a cadaver kidney—an exact match for Phillip—was available only he needed to be at the hospital within the hour.

With no ability to drive, Phillip thought it would be impossible to make it to the hospital in that time frame. Thankfully, an incredibly remarkable resident of Phillip’s apartment complex agreed to rush him to the hospital.

Phillip went in for surgery and came out a new man. Phillip’s body had accepted the kidney!

Since March 2017

Phillip has always been a man of deep faith. According to him, his third miracle manifested, as a result, of prayers lifted by his parents and loved ones. Phillip Cook regained the ability to walk. No longer paralyzed, he couldn’t believe what had happened!

Despite his many hardships, Phillip fought through two significant ailments in his life: his paralyzation and his kidney failure. While some would think that Phillip’s illnesses constitute a significant issue that would cause pure misery, Phillip remains optimistic about life. He is the definition of positivity and wants to share his story with the world.

Phillip currently lives in Pacoima, CA with the loving support of his family and the West Angeles Church of God in Christ. And, as he continues to overcome daily physical challenges, Phillip is determined to always be the man he was born to be—a faithful man!

To learn more about kidney disease, kidney transplants or how to become a kidney donor, please visit

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen


Josh Cohen is a New York City resident who is currently running his own Content Development and SEO Marketing Agency.  As a travel blogger, Hollywood actor, and creative producer – Josh is constantly around emerging, unique and beautiful stories from around the world.  If you’d like to contact Josh, his information can be found at

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News Year’s Resolution—Mold and a Shift in Perspective

News Year’s Resolution—Mold and a Shift in Perspective

If you’re like me, you commit to a New Year’s resolution only to realize the gym membership you bought during Christmas is going used after just a few weeks!

This year I decided to do something different and granted it’s only been three days, but I can honestly admit I’ve already experienced a change—a shift in perspective.

I resolved to attract abundance. I read the way to do that is through an active practice in thankfulness.

So, I implemented a gratitude jar, and I placed it on the kitchen counter with the intention of remembering to add to it each morning as I stumbled to the teapot.

In Charlotte, we’ve been experiencing a cold snap. Granted it’s hasn’t been as bad as upstate New York, where the temperature is a balmy -5, but needless to say for us in the south, 30 degrees is downright chilly and that’s what I woke up to on the 2nd day of my resolution.

So naturally, I wrote; “Today I am grateful for electricity and heat. Thank you to people like Benjamin Franklin who pioneered the discovery of electricity and to all who work tirelessly to keep the power running on a daily basis. May God bless.”

Cool, right? I thought so.

A couple of hours later, a news post flashed on my phone.

“Thousands without power due to an accident.”


Now I’m truly thankful, and I immediately say a quick prayer that they can fix the issue quickly.

Fast forward a few hours as I’m stepping into the shower and I’m greeted with yucky, black grime, which, unfortunately, I can’t  just hop over any longer.

I have one of those stand-up showers with stone tiles and is challenging to clean unless I physically get in the shower and attack it with heavy cleaner and a scrub brush. (If anyone has a better suggestion, I’m open to it!)

I spray the shower down. Wait a few minutes and then hurdle over the gunk and begin scrubbing.

As I’m bent over scouring, I begin to grumble—

“I need a maid! Why can’t Chuck do this? Maybe because I haven’t asked him? Why should I have to ask him? Can’t he see the mold as well as I can? Ugh!”

Then I hear myself and think, how can I attract good things into my life spewing negative thoughts like venom?

As you think—you are!

I’m hit with the realization while standing in a hot shower with water pouring over me along with the physical ability to clean it—I have much more than countless people across the world.

My life already overflows with abundance! It’s my perspective and thoughts that need an adjustment to attract more.

I plan to continue adding to my gratitude jar each morning. If this is what happened on day two, imagine what day 22 or 222 will be like!

Thank you, Papa!

 PS—I’ll keep you posted on any new shifts in perspective!








Ask yourself for a moment—what does peace look like?

Can you describe its meaning in one word, or even in no words, but with action?

Peace… feel it in your body for a moment.

How does your body respond?

Peace… look deeply at it for a moment.

What does it look like? Does it have color? Shape?

Peace… listen to it for a moment.

What is the sound, or sounds, you hear?

Peace… taste it for a moment.

What is its flavor? Sweet? Bitter?

Peace…  touch it for a moment.

What is its texture? Temperature?


What is it for you?

Will You Move Mountains With Us?

Will You Move Mountains With Us?

Usually, I spend the first few hours of my day with God—reading, writing in my journal and meditating. But the other morning was different.

I saw a message on my phone about a mandatory evacuation on Ocracoke Island. My sister and her family live there, so I immediately opened the link. With Hurricane Maria marching up the east coast, authorities had declared a prompt evacuation for all tourists.

Maria had devastated Puerto Rico the day before and left the region without power, water, and food. Thousands were left homeless, hurt, or worse dead, but mostly, people felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness in her wake.

Then I read another article about a man who walked into a church that Sunday morning and started shooting. And then another, about a two-time felon who brutally beat an 8-year-old boy to death because the boy tried to save his younger sister as the man raped her.

I sat in my safe, comfortable, over-sized chair, and cried—the big crocodile kind of tears. Uncontrollable grief ripped through my body for people I’d never met, but for whom, I felt intense sorrow.

I cried out, “Why, Papa???”

He answered, “Isaiah 12.”

Isaiah 12 tells us to sing to the Lord and make known his praise. And with joy, we will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation. Then we will sing, “Thank the Lord! Praise his name!”


“Papa, I poured my heart out to you for these injustices, and you lead me to praise? How can you ask us to sing songs of joy and salvation when there’s so much pain?”

“Because I AM,” I heard.

I then began journaling the words that rang in my ears.

“It’s not about which religion is right or wrong, or who’s going to heaven or not. It’s not about the color of our skin or our gender—it’s about God’s love, mercy, and grace. It’s about caring for others so deeply we feel their pain because we are one body of the living God.”

So, I boldly ask everyone to unite and lift songs of praise to God, or to whomever you call the creator of the universe (I call him Papa) and ask for peace on earth as it is in heaven!

On October 10th, we will celebrate God at the Galilee Ministries on Central Ave. in Charlotte, NC. The Ministry provides a safe sanctuary for refugees and people of all nationalities and religious beliefs.

This event is a unique, non-denominational worship celebration and is open to everyone who believes that anything is possible when we unite together with the purpose of healing.

With faith as small the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

Will you move mountains with us?

Please like and share this Celebration on Facebook, and invite your friends to do so, as well.

I wake everyday…

I wake everyday…

Life is but a mere breath—like the grass that fades or the flowers that wither away. James tells us to consider it “an opportunity of pure joy” when we experience troubles of any kind.

A friend of mine passed away unexpectedly Sunday. Although I had only met her a handful of times, her life—her spirit—profoundly impacted me.

She suffered from two terminal diseases and was hospitalized countless times. She endured surgery after surgery and every time she praised God and thanked Him for another day. Her strength and resiliency inspired me.

Two days before God took her home, she wrote on Facebook, “I don’t understand why God has decided to keep me in so much pain when I’m battling two terminally ill diseases that give me pain and problems every week. HOWEVER, I don’t question it. I wake every day and live my life while I praise God.”  Amazing!!!

A few weeks ago, I was led by the Holy Spirit to read the Book of Habakkuk. I never even knew this tiny book existed in the Bible. It’s only three chapters but within those short pages held lessons to fill a lifetime.

Habakkuk, [huhbakuh k], was a prophet during the time when Judah was at war, and the Babylonians were threatening to take control. He questioned God about why He would let turmoil and evil fall on His people. Habakkuk wanted to know where God was in all of this pain and suffering. He believed God was nowhere to be found and had removed Himself from the earth.

Habakkuk demanded to know why and expected God to answer. God gave him an answer, but it wasn’t the one he wanted.

God told Habakkuk that He would use the Babylonians to wipe out Judah and that Habakkuk was to trust God because He knew what He was doing—allowing evil to spread so good would prevail.

We may not know why God does what He does or why He allows evil things to happen but we, like Habakkuk and my friend, are called to trust in God’s sovereignty and to praise Him regardless of the situations we face.

Remember—God is greater than all our giants.

Recently, the city I in live experienced extreme racism and hate. Protests and violence filled the streets. People were afraid, and I asked, “Where are you, God? Why do you allow such evil to happen?”

He answered me with His words from Habakkuk— “Trust Me no matter what. Praise Me and do not be controlled by or even be anxious over your circumstances. Move from doubt to faith and from fear to hope. But above all else, love. Love your neighbor as I have loved you. Fill the earth with love. When you love, you have wisdom, and through wisdom you have everything.”

I may never know why my friend had to suffer like she did in this lifetime. Or why there are so many who are homeless, hungry, lost, and alone. But what I do know is I am called to have faith and to wait with a patient expectation for God’s answer.

God knows what will happen and how these circumstances will further His purpose to spread the love of Christ throughout the world. He even knows who on which end of the crazy spectrum will become President in a few weeks and I have to believe He’s got it under control. No matter my trouble, “I wake every day and live my life while I praise God.”

 Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the life of Lori and for all those who suffer. Your mercy is endless and your grace abundant. Even though we know Lori is dancing with you in heaven and her suffering has ended, her absence—the void and the emptiness left behind for those of us who knew her and loved her is devastating. Please fill us with Your Comfort, Love and Peace.

Lord, we commit our lives to You as we choose to believe that You are greater than all the giants in this world. May we have faith that Your goodness will conquer all evil and help us to love one another the way You love us. In Jesus name, Amen.

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