Have You Had A Spiritual Awakening? Here’s What You Should Know.

Spiritual Awakening

May 6, 2021

The term spiritual awakening tends to take on many shapes and forms when it comes to its definition. Those who are interested may wonder, have I even had one yet? Also with such an abstract concept, it may be a challenge to determine if you have experienced this for yourself or not.

What does this term really mean, how do you know if you have had one, and if you are in search of a spiritual awakening, how long does it take to achieve? Let’s take a look!

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

The idea of a spiritual awakening is nothing new. As humans, we have always been in a constant search of finding and bringing deeper meaning and purpose to their lives. However this search has been going on for centuries. Various cultures have given it unique names such as bliss, enlightenment, nirvana, paradise – this list is truly endless. While there are many names for it, the understanding and underlying definitions tend to be very similar to one another.

A spiritual awakening is a recognition and calling to a higher state of consciousness with a more profound mental awareness. But that still sounds pretty lofty and abstract, huh? This is because, as people, we are all so different, and so too are our experiences.

A simple way to connect all of these various understandings of what a spiritual awakening is can be linked to one core definition. A spiritual awakening occurs when someone undergoes a personal transformation that changes their perspective and view of the world. It essentially redesigns their mental and emotional framework.

How To Know If You Have Had A Spiritual Awakening

There are many ways to determine if you have experienced a spiritual awakening. You could write a book on the topic. Here’s the quick and condensed guide to determining if it has already happened to you. However, if it hasn’t, what you should be on the lookout for.

  • You are reevaluating your previously held beliefs.
  • You are experiencing more serendipitous moments and synchronicities such as déjà vu.
  • You are embracing a stronger sense of spirituality in your life.
  • Your dreams are becoming more vivid and memorable.
  • You are more intuitive.
  • You have a stronger send of inauthenticity around you which may make you feel more disconnected or detached from things that used to feel normal.
  • You have changed habits, routines, and other daily normalities.
  • You are experiencing more compassion and curiosity.

There are countless signals that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening, which makes it nearly impossible to outline all of the possible signs of transformation. But the list above is a great place to be exploring the potential signals.

How Long Do Spiritual Awakenings Take?

The answer to this question is not as concrete, and for some, not very satisfying. However, the truth is that everyone is on their own timeline when it comes to becoming more spiritually awake. Some would even argue that the process of a spiritual awakening should be never-ending. Also, it’s something that we all consistently strive to improve and build upon. Your timeline is truly up to you and your situations and experiences

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