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As an inspirational speaker, Amy Gray-Cunningham is passionate about helping others understand the power of listening to the calm, still voice within and daring to believe in the impossible. On July 6, 2011, she donated a kidney to complete stranger after hearing God’s voice announce to her she would save this man’s life and be his 1-in-20 million miracle match.

When Amy was researching becoming a living kidney donor, she found there weren’t many books on the subject. So a few years after the transplant she wrote a book that chronicled her journey throughout the kidney donation process. 

Daring to Believe is a resource for other potential living donors to understand what to expect. It’s also an inspirational story about following God’s calling in your life even when everything seems impossible. 

Amy’s book Daring to Believe is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon and Park Road Books.

Presentation Description

Daring to Believe

What could you do if only you dared to believe?

As a living kidney donor, Amy shares her experience of hearing and acting upon her inner calling, and how living a life of faith can transform a personal destiny. Amy—an ordinary person, did something extraordinary. She shares her doubts and fears with you, along with the challenges she experienced, especially when it came to telling her family about her decision to donate a kidney to a stranger. 

Amy will—

  • inspire you to listen to your inner calling in life,
  • share information about living kidney donation in an exciting and humorous manner,
  • explain what it means to live a life of faith and the courage it takes to overcome adversities.


Check out Amy’s interview with Fox Charleston about being a living kidney donor and her book Daring to Believe.


“Amy exudes genuine compassion and humor, especially when discussing her experience as a living donor. She connects deeply with her audience by sharing her thoughts and feelings about her decision to donate, the procedure, and the loving support she received from her husband, as well as her kidney recipient and his family.”

— Rob Hayden

Executive Director

NC National Kidney Foundation 


“As a registered nurse that specializes in kidney disease and Ms. North Carolina, I have traveled the country teaching and educating the public about kidney disease and transplantation. I recognize that there is very little information out there to guide a living donor. I am so thankful that Amy wrote a book so living donors can use this as a resource.”

—Lisa Hedin, RN

Ms. North Carolina America 2015, Advisory Board Member, NKF Carolinas

Clinical Educator


“Amy is truly an amazing person and is an inspirational speaker. Her story on being a living kidney donor is completely empowering and provides a true insight on how one selfless decision, by listening to your heart, can create a new life for someone on the verge of losing all hope.”

—Katey Cipriani

Program Manager

NC National Kidney Foundation

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