In Need of a “Kidney Donor Angel”?

Kidney Donor Angel

July 17, 2018

Steps to Find Your

Kidney Donor Angel

Asking for help can be challenging at best. Many of us are programmed to live independently within a self-sustainable environment. While independent living can have its benefits, living in a community can be extremely beneficial. A supportive community is how we’ve triumphed through some of the most devastating and difficult events throughout history.

A community is what we need to continue thriving in an ever so changing world. It’s what we need when we face difficult crossroads in life…such as, let’s say…the need to find a kidney donor.

If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease, or for any reason require the need for a kidney transplant, knowing where to begin your kidney donor search can be somewhat challenging.

Do we start with Google? Do we ask a doctor? Do we search WebMD?

Many people have struggled with the need to begin this journey. Below are some helpful tips and resources for where you can start your kidney donor search.

Educate Yourself

First of all, you’ll want to begin researching reliable websites for the right information. As many of us know, the internet is an endless abyss of information which also allows for an endless abyss of misinformation. Therefore, you’ll want to start learning everything there is to know regarding kidney disease. Such as, living kidney donors versus deceased organ donors, the process of being put on a kidney donor waiting list, and stories of those who have donated or received a kidney.

For additional resources, check out the links at the bottom of this page when you begin your research.

Create Your Plan

When you begin to create your plan, you’ll start to understand the importance of community. First, you’ll want to develop a list of everyone you want to notify regarding your need for a kidney. Creating this can be one of the most difficult and stressful parts of beginning your kidney donor search, but it is the absolute most important one.

While being placed on a donor waiting list has undoubtedly led to an abundant amount of life-saving instances, the chances of being selected are becoming slimmer and slimmer. With the substantial number of people needing kidney transplants, the waiting list can take years.

So, your primary goal should be to reach out to your community. The first step is making a list of those people who you’ve connected with over time. Think about the below groups as a place to start:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Your Social Media Network
  • Co-Workers
  • Members of your Church, or religious place of worship
  • Members of any groups or extra-curricular organizations to which you may belong
  • The local media

Draft Your Narration

 Your story will become one of the most important tools during your kidney donor search. Empathy is the way to the human heart—and even the human kidney! Seriously, you’d be surprised with the number of people in the world who genuinely want to help out other people, especially when it comes to saving a life.

So, how do you come across as empathetic? Through a personalized and genuine story that showcases dedication, passion, struggle, and determination.

Start drafting your narration that tells the story of your life. Write about—

  • Obstacles that you’ve overcome in your life—showcasing your dedication.
  • What makes you happy and why being alive is so important to you—passion.
  • Recent troubles you’ve faced health wise and why it’s important to become healthy again—struggle.
  • Finally, talk about your never-ending ambition for finding a kidney donor—determination.

When people can connect with you on an emotional scale, they’ll be much more willing to help. The important thing is to be yourself!

Begin Your Search

First of all, have an intimate conversation with the closest people in your life—your spouse, family member, and closest friends about your decision to look for a kidney donor angel.

Afterward your ready to look for a kidney coach/sponsor who will support you along your journey. Kidney coaches will push you and motivate you during your hardest times and will help spread the word that you need a kidney to as many people as they can.

Next, send out your narration letter to the remainder of the people on your contact list. Your kidney coach/sponsor should be able to help you with this step.

Once you’ve had that intimate discussion with your closest friends/family and you’ve sent out the letter, begin approaching those people in your community whom you haven’t contacted.

Post your story on all your social media channels. You should even think about starting a GoFundMe campaign. If you don’t need the money for your cause, then tell people that you’ll donate the money to an organization such as the National Kidney Foundation. You can mention that the fundraiser’s purpose is to raise awareness in the search for your “kidney donor angel.”

Contact the National Kidney Foundation’s “The Big Ask, The Big Give” program:

Visit the National Kidney Foundation’s website, talk to a representative working for the NKF Cares helpline (844-224-4275), email a professional working for the same helpline (, or talk to an actual living donor or recipient (855-653-7337).

Your Resources

Check out all of the below links for valuable websites and resources, to support you along your kidney donor search:

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