News Year’s Resolution—Mold and a Shift in Perspective

January 3, 2018

If you’re like me, you commit to a New Year’s resolution only to realize the gym membership you bought during Christmas is going used after just a few weeks!

This year I decided to do something different and granted it’s only been three days, but I can honestly admit I’ve already experienced a change—a shift in perspective.

I resolved to attract abundance. I read the way to do that is through an active practice in thankfulness.

So, I implemented a gratitude jar, and I placed it on the kitchen counter with the intention of remembering to add to it each morning as I stumbled to the teapot.

In Charlotte, we’ve been experiencing a cold snap. Granted it’s hasn’t been as bad as upstate New York, where the temperature is a balmy -5, but needless to say for us in the south, 30 degrees is downright chilly and that’s what I woke up to on the 2nd day of my resolution.

So naturally, I wrote; “Today I am grateful for electricity and heat. Thank you to people like Benjamin Franklin who pioneered the discovery of electricity and to all who work tirelessly to keep the power running on a daily basis. May God bless.”

Cool, right? I thought so.

A couple of hours later, a news post flashed on my phone.

“Thousands without power due to an accident.”


Now I’m truly thankful, and I immediately say a quick prayer that they can fix the issue quickly.

Fast forward a few hours as I’m stepping into the shower and I’m greeted with yucky, black grime, which, unfortunately, I can’t  just hop over any longer.

I have one of those stand-up showers with stone tiles and is challenging to clean unless I physically get in the shower and attack it with heavy cleaner and a scrub brush. (If anyone has a better suggestion, I’m open to it!)

I spray the shower down. Wait a few minutes and then hurdle over the gunk and begin scrubbing.

As I’m bent over scouring, I begin to grumble—

“I need a maid! Why can’t Chuck do this? Maybe because I haven’t asked him? Why should I have to ask him? Can’t he see the mold as well as I can? Ugh!”

Then I hear myself and think, how can I attract good things into my life spewing negative thoughts like venom?

As you think—you are!

I’m hit with the realization while standing in a hot shower with water pouring over me along with the physical ability to clean it—I have much more than countless people across the world.

My life already overflows with abundance! It’s my perspective and thoughts that need an adjustment to attract more.

I plan to continue adding to my gratitude jar each morning. If this is what happened on day two, imagine what day 22 or 222 will be like!

Thank you, Papa!

 PS—I’ll keep you posted on any new shifts in perspective!





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