Soul Realigment

Soul Realignment™​

What is Soul Realignment™? It is a modality that helps you understand who you are at the soul level—who you were created to be at your soul’s origination. 

As souls, we incarnate to experience life lessons. As we do, we buy into the illusion that we are separate from God, our creator, and begin to create our own experiences independent from who we are at the soul level. These choices create negative karmic patterns that we perpetuate over lifetimes. 

As a result, these patterns take on many different life struggles such as fear, stress, chronic health issues, financial problems, abuse, and so much more. However, experiencing life doesn’t have to be hard. We choose to make it that way.

We are the creators of our own experience. We were created by the Divine Creator himself, so we create as well. Our actions create the lives we want, whether they are negative or positive choices. Every choice we make, we create something!

Through the Akashic Records, we can recognize the negative karmic patterns we continually make and learn to course-correct and make new choices based on who we are at the soul level. By doing that, we will create abundance and miracles in our everyday lives! 

But, it would be best if you didn’t take my word for it. Try on a Soul Realignment™ session. Take it for a test drive, and see if it works for you.

What do you have to lose? 


Mini Soul Profile Reading

Akashic Records

“Mini” Soul Profile Reading

During this “Mini” Soul Profile Reading, you will understand the energetic qualities that make up your soul and how to express yourself so you can step into the life you desire. You will discover hidden talents and uncover your life purpose. 

What can you expect from the reading?

  1. An in-depth understanding of your soul’s origination
  2. Gifts and challenges you may bring with you into this lifetime
  3. How many Spirit Guides are working with you
  4. What is your primary life lesson during this lifetime
  5. Soul specifications that make you unique and can help you find your life purpose
  6. A 21-day clearing “homework” to help give your ego something to do as you incorporate these new experiences into your life
  7. You may also ask the Records and your Guides 1-2 questions about your life purpose that you would like clarification or more information on

Price: $111

Soul Realignment Session

Soul Realignment™

Profile Reading


During a Soul Realignment™ Profile Reading, you will learn who your soul was created to be at its origination by our Divine Creator. You will discover hidden talents and uncover your life purpose. We will look at and resolve relationship issues and clear blocks and restrictions to receiving Divine abundance.

You will also understand the energetic qualities that make up your soul and how to express yourself so you can step into the life you desire. By clearing all the negative karmic patterns that you continue to participate in, you can receive vital force energy and then manifest true abundance fully.

Each session includes:

  1. 60-minute private coaching call, recorded, and emailed to you
  2. Discover who you are at soul level—your primary energy center, soul group of origination, soul vibration rate, life lesson, soul specification
  3. Clear all blocks and restrictions in past and present lives that are ready to be cleared
  4. Akashic Records clearing work
  5. personalized 21-day clearing homework

Price: $222

Life situation reading

Life Situation Reading

Is “life” continually getting in the way of you experiencing the life you truly want? Do seemingly endless situations happen that keep you running in circles, and you don’t feel like you can ever get ahead? Doctor bills? Car trouble? Roof leaks? Child care issues? Harassing calls from bill collectors?

If things continuously seem to happen to you, let me help you identify the energetic root cause of the issue you’re experiencing and help you clear it. All I need is a basic description of what you are experiencing plus an intention for what you’d like to see happen then can help you determine the root cause and remove it—allowing you to create the life you truly deserve.

Price: $133


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