Thursday Mornings With God-4/5

Requesting a Miracle

April 5, 2018

Got Miracles?

What are miracles exactly?  And, why are some people granted miracles and others appear forgotten? That begs the question, does God give miracles to everyone randomly and if so, why?

In my book Daring to Believe, I share about being a 1-in-20 million miracle match for David Ensley. Based on our circumstances, it was considered a miracle that we were such a close match.

It all started when I heard God tell me I would be the one to save David’s life. I had been asking God to use me as a vessel for His grace and healing. One night my husband, Chuck, told me about David’s story that he had read on Facebook.

I felt such intense compassion for David, and I replied, “I hope someone steps up to help him.”

First Miracle

That’s when our first miracle happened.

I heard as if in a conversation with someone, “Amy, that person will be you.” At that moment, I knew I would donate a kidney to David.

I know some people question whether God speaks to us—heck, even Joy Behar on the View said that when people hear voices, that’s the definition of crazy. Right?

But it happened, and it was single-handling one of the most amazing, outrageous, and incredible experiences of my life.

God didn’t stop there.

You see the key to miracles is believing in what you want beyond all limitations. It’s a knowing that the miracle has already happened and that you deserve it. Unfortunately, not everyone feels they deserve it.

Although on a soul-level I knew I was David’s donor, it took a while for my head to believe it and acceptance to sink in. I mean, there were many obstacles to overcome. The approval process was lengthy and encouraging my family to accept my decision proved more challenging than expected.

At times, I questioned God’s faith in me to be that “person.”

I had been asking God to use me as a vessel of His grace, and I received just what I asked.

But, let’s get back to my original question—what are miracles and why does it appear some receive miracles, and others are not?

First of all…

Miracles happen every day—all day. Think about it for a moment. Each morning when you wake up, and we take in that first deep breath and stretch, do we need to remind our heart to beat? No. It just happens. Miracle number one.

Birds automatically know how to find food and where to take shelter in the rain. If God can give the birds everything they need, why don’t we think He’ll grant us the same miracle?


We don’t ask.

The Bible states, “ …ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9

We need to ask and then act as if it’s already happened. We need to “pray it into existence” with conviction. Remember, Jesus only healed those who asked for healing.

And, thirdly…

Our egos tend to get in the way. We think we are separate from the rest of creation—from God. If God is all things and is everywhere, then why is it so difficult for us to accept He’s us, as well. Not just a part of us but our true selves—our souls.

Think about it—if you fill up a bucket with lake water does it quit being lake water just because it’s in a bucket? No. It’s just held in a different form.

It’s the same with God. God doesn’t quit being God whether He’s in the form of us, or a bird, or water. If God is truly omnipotent, then He’s everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

God, or whatever your reference is—Allah, Krishna, Buddha—He/She is what connects all of creation. God is our breath—our being. That’s why there is no difference between me, you or the person on the street. Everywhere we look God says, “I AM that.” There is no separation.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We create our realities based on the lessons we need to learn during this lifetime.

Our egos want to control our thoughts, but we have the power to surrender and ask God to make His thoughts our thoughts.

We must accept our divine existence and step into the life of living consciously with an expectation of daily miracles.

So, if you’re not experiencing miracles change your thoughts and you’ll change your world!


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