What Can I Expect During A Mediumship Reading?

Evidential Mediumship Readings

November 6, 2023

All I wanted was to hear from my husband and know he was okay. I missed him with all my heart and desperately wanted to connect with him. So, I made an appointment with a medium, and afterward, I felt confident my husband’s spirit lived on!

This medium provided much validating evidence that I knew she could only have been speaking with my husband. However, before the reading began, I had yet to learn what to expect or if I would know whether I could trust her. 

Scheduling your first mediumship reading can be emotional and nerve-wracking for you. My intent with this blog is for you to know what to expect during your evidential mediumship reading, shedding light on the process and a few things you may encounter.

An evidential reading typically refers to a mediumship session that provides specific evidence or verifiable information about deceased loved ones, spirit guides, or other non-physical entities. The purpose of an evidential reading is to demonstrate the continuation of consciousness beyond physical death and to offer comfort, closure, and guidance to you—the sitter.

Here are some general guidelines—

Before Your Reading

Set an intention with yourself and your loved one in spirit. Ask them to please make themselves known to you in a way only you will understand. They typically orchestrate the meeting, not us. I can’t guarantee who will come through the day of your reading, but when you set a clear intention, it does help.

Also, write down questions you would like for them to answer. Don’t tell me what they are beforehand. Bring the questions with you, and then check them off as the reading unfolds. It’s interesting to witness your loved ones answering your questions.

Another tip to remember is you are a vital part of this connection to the spirit world. It’s a triangle—you, me, and the spirit. You don’t necessarily need to believe in mediumship, but I ask that you are open to the connection and the possibility of hearing from the spirit world.

Having an open heart is a requirement to connect to those in spirit. The evidence your loved ones provide will give you the confidence they are present and communicating through me.

If you are meeting with me through Zoom, you should plan to find a quiet, comfortable place to meet on the day of your reading. Also, you will want to have a secure internet connection with as few distractions as possible. Remember, you will most likely feel nervous, so planning will help you have the best experience possible.

The Day of Your Reading—The Introduction

I usually begin a mediumship session with small talk, but only a little. I typically will only know your name because the less I know about you, the better the reading will be for you. 

If the reading is virtual, please set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” or airplane mode and turn off notifications on your computer. It helps me with any unnecessary distractions and will also help you with internet connectivity.

I’ll ask if you’ve ever had an evidential reading done before. Most people are nervous, especially if this is your first time. And since your energy is just as vital as mine and the spirit world’s, making you comfortable is one of my primary goals.

The Reading Process

Next, I review my process with you. The focus of the evidential reading is to provide evidence of the presence of deceased loved ones or spirits. I will offer specific details such as names, physical descriptions, personalities, shared memories, or significant events related to your loved one in spirit.

As I share the evidence, you must validate the information provided with yes, no, or I don’t know. Please don’t “feed the medium” with additional information unless I specifically ask for it. Remember, the more open and receptive you are, the easier it is for me to connect and receive accurate messages from your loved ones. Our energies work together in a triangle—you, me, and your loved ones in spirit.

The Reading

I always begin a session by asking us both to take a deep, centering breath, bringing the focus to our hearts and releasing anything that doesn’t serve us. I will give a short invocation inviting the spirit world and your loved ones to join us. I set the intention for the reading to serve the highest and best good of everyone involved. At this time, please acknowledge your intention for the reading quietly to yourself.

Afterward, I will go quiet with my eyes closed for a few minutes as I connect with the spirit world. Once I have connected with a loved one, I will begin bringing forward evidence to validate the connection. Please answer with yes, no, or I don’t know. Also, please use your voice when responding. When your loved ones hear the excitement in your voice, it helps move the energy during the reading.

The Message

In addition to evidence, I will relay messages or guidance from your loved one. These messages could be comfort, encouragement, advice, or reassurance.

During your reading, you may have the opportunity to ask questions or seek further clarification on the information received from your loved ones. Remember that my role is to convey the messages I receive, but I don’t always have control over what comes through. Spirit always knows better than we do, so trust that whatever comes through is always for our highest good. 

I’ll always share what I receive, and if I need clarification, I’ll ask you. And remember, the spirit world is working through my filter, so sometimes, the translation may get confused. It’s like an email going from one computer to another. They type in the message. It goes through the internet wires; my brain must translate the encoded message. Sometimes, there could be a coding error on my part. It’s never intentional, but it can happen.

A reading can be a profoundly emotional experience, as it may bring up feelings of grief, joy, or relief. Be prepared to process your emotions and allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Remember, it’s okay to cry. Journaling and reflecting on your thoughts and feelings after the reading is an excellent way to process the experience and help you get the most out of it.

And anything you tell me stays with me. I will always respect your privacy and keep the details of your reading confidential.

When is a good time to schedule another reading?

Many people ask me when a good time is to schedule their next reading. While everyone is different, I prefer people to wait at least six months to a year between readings, allowing enough time to process the information and guidance. But as always, please use your intuition and remember the goal is never to become dependent on a medium. You can connect with your loved ones in spirit at any time. Allow them to help you decide when the right time is to schedule another appointment.  

In conclusion,

If you have any questions about your mediumship session with me, please email me at Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you soon!

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