God’s Angels—Who is Your Janelle?

We have all met an Angel

April 21, 2018

God’s Angels—Who is Your Janelle?

Have you ever met someone who inspired your soul or brightens your day all with only a smile? If so, you may have entertained one of God’s angels.

Last week I attended the MODEXShow in Atlanta, and if you’ve ever worked a tradeshow you know, it’s exhausting—long hours and constantly on your feet. And then, you always have to be “on” with everyone you meet.  It can make for tiring days.

Thankfully though, I met Janelle—one of God’s angels in the form of a bathroom attendant.

Immediately, I found her spirit infectious. I could tell she loved her job, but it was more than that—she took care of everyone who walked into her space. She was never without a smile or a kind word to offer. You felt important when you met her, or at least, that’s how she made me feel.

Many times, when I entered her sacred space I was greeted by an angelic voice—Janelle loved to sing, and she shared it with anyone who cared to listen.

She didn’t like the fragrance the convention center provided, so she brought her own. Not only was the bathroom clean and tidy but it smelled inviting making you forget about any worries you may have carried in with you.

Then one afternoon…

I made my usual trip to the restroom with the anticipation of seeing her smiling face. But, Janelle wasn’t in her regular spot, and I knew something was wrong. That’s when I heard soft tears coming from one of the stalls. Janelle reluctantly offered me her story, and with an open heart, I listened.

Janelle was homeless. She had been living in a shelter when she was offered the temp-job during the tradeshow. Happily, she accepted.

This job meant a new freedom for her—the possibility of not sleeping on the streets or in a shelter even for a few nights. However, she needed to find a place to store her belongings.

She received permission from a kind person at the shelter to leave her bags there temporarily only to receive a call the next day informing her she needed to retrieve her belongings by 3 pm or it would be put out on the streets. Janelle’s shift didn’t end until 7.

All she had in the entire world fit into four garbage bags!

But, Janelle didn’t miss a beat.

Wiping her eyes she announced, “That’s okay. God provided me with this job, and I believe Him for a place to sleep tonight and clothes for tomorrow’s shift. I have all I need.”

My mind reeled as Janelle’s familiar smile returned, and once again she greeted people as they entered.

I left Atlanta last week inspired. Of all the influential people I shook hands with—CEO’s, Presidents of companies—the bathroom attendant brought me the most joy.

Janelle didn’t let her situation affect her spirit. She knew she would be taken care of and she dared to believe that anything was possible even in the face of uncertainty and adversity.

I’ll probably never know what happened to Janelle, but I’m confident that by God’s grace and love she is smiling and hopefully singing a beautiful song.I’ll always remember her and will continue to offer up prayers for her continued abundance.

Oh, and by the way, the meaning of the name Janelle—God is gracious!

Who is your Janelle? Who has God sent to inspire you? Have you met one of God’s Angels?


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