Why Don’t I Receive Signs From My Loved One In Heaven?

Why Don’t I receive signs from My loved one in heaven

April 4, 2024

As a medium, one of the most common questions I receive is, “Why don’t I receive signs from my loved one in heaven?”

Even though your loved ones are no longer in a physical body, they’re still very interested in your day-to-day lives and enjoy communicating with you. However, communication is different now, and you must learn their new love language.

They commonly talk to you through signs, which can come in many forms.

My grandmother loves to send me pennies on heads. She’s been rather creative with where she leaves them, too. To learn more about why pennies are her favorite sign, check out my second Butterfly Kisses podcast, “Pennies from Heaven.”

Other signs from your loved one could be:

  • Feathers
  • Animals
  • Music
  • Other people
  • Their name shows up right as you think of them
  • The list is endless, though!

What’s important is to ask what you were doing right before you saw the sign. Were you thinking of them? How did the sign make you feel?

It’s easy to dismiss the sign as just your imagination or a coincidence, but don’t. Instead, thank your loved one for the sign. Let your loved one know you love hearing from them and want to receive more. Gratitude keeps the communication open.

And remember to be open to what and how their signs show up. If you’re rigid and think it must be a certain sign or show up in a particular way, you may miss the love they’re already sending you.

 How to ask for a sign from your loved one

  • Find a comfortable place to sit with your feet on the floor. Take a few deep breaths.
  • Breathe in on the count of four, hold for a moment, and then breathe out on the count of six. Do this three times or until you feel yourself relaxed. On the out-breath, release any expectations or fears about receiving a sign.
  • Next, hold out your hand and ask your loved one to put something in it that is a sign from them. Trust the first thing that shows up, even a pink elephant. (I’ve had that sign before, and it showed up a few days later!)
  • Thank your loved one for giving you the gift of a sign. Then let it go. Continue with your life while remaining open. Don’t try to determine when, where, or how your loved one will give you the sign. Set the intention that they will snag you when it appears.
  • You’ll know it’s your sign by how it makes you feel. I have found that it’ll appear randomly and is usually preceded or followed by me thinking of my loved one. I typically feel chills, including a feeling or knowing that the sign is from my loved one.

Keep playing this game because, as I mentioned above, they love communicating with you. It’s a fun way to allow your loved one to remain active in your life.

Reasons you may not be receiving signs.

One reason may be that you want a particular sign. If you’re fixated on one sign, you may miss the beautiful blue jay pecking at your window, desperately trying to get your attention (it happened to me once!).

Be open to whatever they send. You’ll know it’s a sign by how it makes you feel, and it’s usually preceded or followed by thoughts of them.

Another possibility is that you’re grieving. Sadness, anger, and loneliness are all normal parts of the grieving process. But these denser feelings can also lower our vibrations, making it hard for your loved one to get through messages.

Give yourself time to grieve by allowing the feelings and memories to bubble up and move through your body. Seek professional help, if necessary, but let the emotions flow. Eventually, gratitude and love will overshadow the sadness and loneliness, but this doesn’t happen overnight.

I still find myself crying and deeply missing my husband, and it’s been almost 3-years. Remember, though, there’s no timetable for grief. Most times, it hits you out of nowhere. The key is allowing the feelings to move through you without getting blocked. When you allow the feelings to flow, gratitude and love quickly follow. You’ll find your loved ones waiting for you from this place of love!

Another reason you may not see signs is that your loved one may be healing themselves. Getting reacquainted with being in the spirit world can take time. Send love and gratitude. They feel those feelings from you, and I’ve found it helps significantly in their transition.


To receive signs from your loved ones in you need to learn their new love language. They want to communicate with you and still be a significant part of your life, but it takes time for them to heal and for you. Allow yourself to grieve your loss but reach for a state of gratitude and love to raise your vibrations and connect with them.

Also, the key is to remain open and flexible about what and how the signs show up. Playing the “Sign Game” with your loved one is fun and makes learning their new language of love easy.

If you are grieving and need support, please get in touch with a professional in your area. I highly recommend Holly Gainsboro, who is an advanced grief recovery specialist. You can find out more about Holly on her website

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