Why is a Daily Meditation Practice Beneficial?


February 23, 2021

Why is a Daily Meditation Practice Beneficial?

Have you wanted to quiet all chatter in your mind? But you are not sure how? Meditation is an excellent method.

I know what you are thinking—I suck at meditating! However, I am here to tell you; you don’t, and you can do it. It is all about giving yourself the freedom to do so.

Minds wander. It is their job to think about what is for dinner or whether the dogs need to go out.

In fact, during mediation, when your mind goes off on a tangent, take notice of it. Then gentle acknowledge the thought. But then bring your mind back to your breath and into the present moment.

By doing this, it means you are doing the meditation right. You became aware and brought your mind back to the present moment where you want it.

You have the authority to take control of your mind. Yes, I will repeat it—you have dominion over what you think.

Your mind or ego is here to protect you—not control you. Meditation helps to train your mind to relax.

Guided Meditation

If you are new to meditation, I suggest using guided mediation. Guided mediation uses imagery and sound to help your mind focus. It gives the ego something to do so your thoughts can quiet.

There are thousands of apps in the Apple store for guided meditation and even free YouTube videos on it. Also you do not have to spend a great deal of time on it either. Ten or fifteen minutes a day is all you need to start. If that is too much, do five minutes but be consistent.

Consistency is the key. Likewise with any new practice, if you do not exercise the muscle, it will not grow. Meditation is a practice that needs to be exercised to grow. The results are endless.

Benefits of Meditation

  1. You will have lower stress, anxiety, depression.
  2. You will have improved focus.
  3. You reduce the mind chatter.
  4. You will feel calmer throughout your day.
  5. You sleep better.
  6. You connect to your higher-self or subconscious easier.
  7. You will feel more energized.

What are some of your results from meditating? I’d love to hear from you.

A Free Gift for You!

As a gift, I am offering a free 10-minute guided meditation with this blog—Clearing the Messiness from Your Mind. It will help you get started with a mediation practice if you do not already have one.

Using this mediation on a regular basis, you can apply the principles throughout your day to clear the negative self-talk or messiness cluttering your mind. By doing so, you remove the clutter more quickly and can focus on the task before you.

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